My review of the GE UltraBrite LED Motion-Activated Light

As the hours of daylight shorten, this Motion Activated Light is perfect.

The GE Ultrabrite LED Motion Sensor Night Light turned out to be an amazing find, I was and am still super stoked!  I share a house and my entrance is in the back where there is no light switch by the door. Often when I enter it's been pitch black with a table and chairs careless left pulled out in my path. The only light switch is on the other side of the room.

I'd tried a traditional night light, but they don't give off much light, they get hot, and you have to leave them on all the time, and while I'm not big into Green, I do want to pay the lowest electric bill possible.

This was just what I was looking for.

The GE Ultra Brite led light works in a traditional 120 volt US AC power plug.
It really is bright, brighter than any night light I've used over the years.  The motion detection works great.  It's a welcome friend on a dark rainy or cold winter night when I just want to get inside as fast as possible.

Features of these night lights is of course its motion detection up to 25 feet away, its bright LED light and its low power usage. It puts out quite a lot of light for only 40 Lumens. There is also a version that comes on and turns off each night, that uses 3 lumens always on, then kicks up to 100 Lumens when motion is detected.

Fortunately, you can buy them on Amazon online here [GE UltraBrite Motion-Activated LED Night Light] This is the one I purchased which has 40 Lumens.

I bought a white one, but if you want something a little more cutting edge looking, you can get the GE UltraBrite Motion-Activated LED Night Light in Silver.  Amazon has the Silver model available here as a Two-Pack.

Then there is this [GE LED Ultra-BOOST Motion Light] that has an interesting self adjusting feature. It has a built-in light sensor that turns on with 3 Lumens of light when the sun goes down, till the sun comes back up. When it detects motion, it kicks up to a full 100 Lumens! 

Great for summer, but even better for the dark months of fall and winter when it's rainy or just freezing cold and I want to get inside safely as fast as possible. Bottom line, I think they're great.